Our Commitments to Quality

At Heng Long, the key to creating a successful tannery is a work environment where excellence in all facets of the Company, including selection of raw materials, quality control, stringent manufacturing standards, talented use of manpower, and research and development, ensure that customers receive the most exquisite products available.

Heng Long is the first reptile skin tannery in the world to be awarded ISO quality management certification in 1998, a clear endorsement of the Company's exceptional production standards by Certification International (UK) Ltd. This achievement is testimony of the Company's strong and ongoing commitments to ensure that its operations continue to meet the increasing stringent requirements of the industry and its valued customers.

Since then, Heng Long has continued to achieve other prestigious certifications including CTC "REACH PROGRAM testing", a testament of its commitment to product quality, the environment and human health.

Heng Long's substantial investment in tanning technology over the years as well as its ongoing commitment to providing customers with premium quality products has secured its position as a global industry leader. Renowned as a quality tanner, Heng Long is the natural choice for many of the world's leading fashion houses for their supply of fine exotic leather.

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